My name is Dennis Fanshaw, I’m a network engineer pretending to be a software developer. Should go without saying but opinions expressed here are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my past or present employer(s).

So what is hyposcaler? What is hyposcaling?

It’s mostly a joke and a reminder to not take myself too seriously.

I frequently find the need to mock up cloud scale architectures in lab enviroments for testing or to explain concepts.

In effect this means keeping what is a cloud scale design while forcing it to fit within the contraints of a lab environment. I now refer to this as hyposcaling. The idea being scaling cloud patterns down to the smallest possible size without materially changing them. The results often aren’t practical for real world use; but do provide value for testing and teaching.

Recently, while writing some documentation in parallel with one of these efforts, I created a ficticious company named “Hyperbolic Hyposcaler Industries”. The name stuck and I have been using it and variations of it for my own projects ever since.

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